My First Podcast!

Just popping in to share a podcast that I did with Kerry Olvera over at Catholic Homeschool Moms. You have to forgive my frequent “umms,” as I pause to get my train of thought, every five seconds. 😉 Kerry is doing a terrific job over at Catholic Homeschool Moms developing a podcast support for homeschooling mamas in the thick of littles and bigs and lots of busy-ness. The ladies she’s interviewed so far have a really wide variety of experiences. All are passionate about their Faith and will inspire you as you go about your day. Like Kerry says, “It’s like a homeschool conference in a podcast!”

A little trip to the nearest lake to gather shells and watch birds.

I am also in the thick of planning our year. Well, I had better step it up since we start in a few weeks. Anyone else getting nervous, panic stricken, I mean, excited about the new year? In the trenches with you!

One thought on “My First Podcast!

  1. Great to see you back, Diana! I look forward to checking out the podcast this weekend. We’re already back to it and honestly, this is looking to be one of our best yet. All the years of trial and error are adding up to something dependable and the two remaining at home are just really easy-going, imagine that?! All my best to you and yours as you get off to a great start 😀

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