Welcome! I’m Diana and I have been homeschooling for nearly 20 years! See that guy up there? Twenty-six years of walking side by side as we get each other to Heaven.

We have five kids, four boys ages 16-24 and our little ten year old pink caboose.

Some unique facts about our family:

We are short….no…really short. But our personalities are BIG!

We’ve always homeschooled, straight through high school.

Our homeschool style is kind of an eclectic blend of Charlotte Mason, Classical, and closet unschooling. I am not kidding.

Some families play sports. We do frequent surgeries and hospital stays as our sport of choice. We are good at it. Our younger two kids have a syndrome that has necessitated more than 33 surgeries between them.  A few have severe asthma and food allergies and have seen the inside of PICU a few too many times. Lots of days have been “near miss ER” days. Lots of days have been “keep everyone breathing” days. Lots of days have been hard.

We have kids all over the academic spectrum, some zoom ahead, some take the long route, some walk down the middle of the road.  We take to heart Charlotte Mason’s “Children are born persons” with all of their unique abilities and strengths. We don’t do any of this perfectly, and anything done well is by the Grace of God.

We love Our Lady. She’s the shining star in our everything, pointing to Her Son and saying, “Do as He tells you.” We try….

Humor…dark chocolate…yarn…percolated coffee…good literature….the Rosary…these are a few of my favorite things!

I sure hope you are inspired and buoyed by our stories and reflections. This blog is my attempt at linking arms with fellow mamas and saying, “Let’s go, Girls! We can do this!”

I was on EWTN’s radio show The Good Fight, with Barbara McGuigan, discussing a book about St Therese…go listen here: Holy Daring: The Fearless Trust of St Lisieux

I was also interviewed on the Catholic Homeschool Moms Podcast


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